Spabad Utespa - Massagespa & utomhusspa - Nordiska kvalitetspooler




Artnr. Info Insida/Utsida ETA
3061099600Idun Badekar Microsilk 160x70I lager
1300Celebrity Hollywood Spafrog Ozon SteelJetsI lager
1316Signature Resort Spafrog Ozon LEDI lager
1304Elite Hollywood Spafrog Ozon LED Microsilk MS-Fryssensor FullskumI lager
1308Elite Monaco Spafrog Ozon LED FullskummI lager
1309Vector V84L Spafrog Ozon LED Microsilk MS-fryssensor Audio Fullskum DurabaseI lager
1312Vector V94L Spafrog Ozon LED fullskum durabaseI lager
P20San Juan pool Drottningholm/WylelaI lager
1376Crown Epic Inlinesystem, Ozonator, LED, Audio/BluetoothI lager
1378Crown Resort Inlinesystem, Ozonator, LED, Audio/BluetoothI lager
50310996000HNemo Badekar Microsilk 170x80 endpanel högerI lager
1311Vector V94L Spafrog Ozon LED Microsilk MS-fryssensor fullskum DurabaseI lager
1306Elite Broadway Spafrog Ozon LED Microsilk MS-fryssensor fullskumI lager
1307Elite Broadway Spafrog Ozon LED Fullskumm WalI lager
1310Vector V84L Spafrog Ozon LED Fullskum DurabaseI lager
1305Elite Hollywood Spafrog Ozon LED FullskumI lager
1379The Crown Resort Audio LED Microsilk+fryssensorI lager
1301Celebrity Hollywood Spafrog OzonI lager
1303Celebrity Broadway Spafrog OzonI lager
MAL2Novitek MallaI lager
OLOS10Novitek Olos BasicI lager
LUO10Novitek LuostoI lager
1302Celebrity Broadway Spafrog Ozon SteelJetsI lager

Three lessons for your true hot tub dream

1. How you find your best hot tub in the market?

Use your ears.

2. In a real hot tub you’re supposed to clear the pressure.

Not figure out whether you can stand it or not.

3. A hot tub with high quality is not just enjoyment.

It’s pure enjoyment.